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We can offer a part time finance director solution where companies cannot justify or afford a full time role internally.

Part Time Finance Director Service

The Finance Director function is an important role within young fast growing companies. Often such companies are able to justify having a full time finance function or a full time finance director – but they do have the need for financial expertise and commercial advice on a regular basis.

We offer a part time solution – either on a consultancy basis or as a member of the Board as Finance Director. The role can be tied into our other services such as book-keeping and management accounts or as a supplementary service to your in-house administration function. Usually the role involves up to 2 days per month, including:

  • Assistance with preparing Board papers
  • Attending Board meetings
  • Corporate governance
  • Reviewing the commercial terms of contracts
  • Preparing shareholder information and
  • Liaising with the company’s other advisers – leaving the rest of the management team to grow the business

We are always happy to provide a fixed fee monthly service.

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In brief

  • Part time finance director solutions
  • Either consultancy or as FD Board member
  • Can include book-keeping and management accounts
  • Usually up to 2 days per month

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