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Cloud Accountancy - Xero

Xero cloud acccounting helps our clients manage their business and increase efficiency. Access your business finances anytime, anywhere.

Cloud Accountancy - Xero

Not content with the status quo, Carbon are finding fresh ways of adding extra value to their clients by adopting new technology like cloud accounting and our own App

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Innovation, Apps, Technology and Xero Cloud Services

We are leading the way in adopting new technologies and a more innovative approach to accountancy; something which is proving very beneficial to our clients.

Successful accounting firms like Carbon need to be operating at the cutting edge of accounting technologies and using the best digital tools both for our team and our clients. We do all the “normal” stuff - but then we keep pushing the boundaries to make sure we are always up to date with the latest technology where we think this can benefit our clients and our staff.

With the latest forms of cloud accounting software like Xero, accountants and SME owners can manage everything from inventory and invoices to payroll and expenses all in one place and in just a few clicks, from any device and from anywhere, leading to much improved speed, accuracy and efficiency.

The latest cloud accounting software can also seamlessly link up with other cloud business apps and services, like for example Receiptbank, the first software company to automate the collection and data extraction of receipts and invoices.

We review available cloud app add-ons and related services on an ongoing basis, and recommend the best of these to our clients. We also have extensive expertise in Sage, Quickbooks, SAP, Netsuite and FreeAgent and we build what we call a “package of best accounting practice” into our client service offering as one overall solution.

We were also one of the first accountancy firms to launch our own App, for IoS and Android, that provides users with important, constantly updated UK Tax rate information, Tax Tips and key tax dates for the current and previous year, plus many useful tax calculators such as:

  • "Should I incorporate?" calculator
  • Company Car and Mileage calculator
  • Corporation tax
  • Payslip calculator
  • Inheritance tax
  • Self-employed tax calculator
  • VAT
  • Mortgage payment calculator
  • Capital Gains Tax calculator

As you'd expect, we were also one of the first accountancy firms in London to fully embrace social media as part of our innovative marketing strategy and a recent independent study in October 2017 showed that we punch well above our weight when it comes to social media influence, outranking many of the biggest accountancy firms in the UK in terms of number of followers and retweets for example. We were also ranked in the Top 5 firms in the UK in terms of "quality of tweets". Follow us here.

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