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We work across many sectors and have some specialities where we have significant experience, some of which are described here.

Listed Companies and International Groups

We act for a number of large listed and private International groups for whom we prepare accounts, corporation tax returns and audit the accounts of UK subsidiaries and associatied companies in the group. We offer a cost effective solution to large groups' UK compliance needs and liaise with group auditors where required.

Our clients currently include groups with UK, US, EU, Australian, New Zealand, South African, Hong Kong and Chinese parent companies and Joint Venture partners.

We have a range of international language skills in the firm and are always seeking to expand the number of languages spoken by our staff in order to even better service our international client needs.

We also have a range of international contacts with Accountancy and Tax Advisers overseas which we continue to develop.

We would be happy to discuss your needs in this regard.

Drinks Brands and Craft Breweries

We have several clients who are major international drinks brand companies and several London based craft breweries as well as one client that is a chain of craft beer shops. We have advised on business plans and funding, business sale, accounting systems, R&D tax credits, Capital Allowances, group structuring and Duties that apply to alcohol as well as providing audit services to subsidiaries of international groups. We are always looking to support the sector more and would love to have more drinks brands and craft brewery clients.

Technology & IT

We not only work with technology businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups located on our doorstep in Central London’s Tech hub but also throughout the UK. At Carbon Accountancy, we understand the specific needs of Tech companies – from raising funding (SEIS and EIS) to EMI Share Options and R&D tax credits as well as Corporate Finance and Business Valuations including, where relevant, introductions to our many VC and investor contacts.

We also provide audit services to many firms, including subsidiaries of international groups.

We also know how popular the provision of IT services under consultancy contracts is and we work with many IT contractor clients with their very specific requirements – including advising them on the current tax regulations and risks.

Multi-site retail, pubs and restaurants

Having advised many restaurant and pub clients over a great number of years, we have been able to tailor a wide variety of services to meet the needs of the catering and leisure sector – whether it’s assisting with the TRONC, dealing with specific VAT advice or lease issues.We also provide audit services to many firms, including subsidiaries of international groups.

In fact, we have been assisting multi-site retail businesses since we started our own company and with the rapid growth of the online retail industry, in more recent years we have also been helping our clients to grow their online retail businesses.

Although we are based in London EC1, we work with many businesses that are based nationwide, either in terms of head office or regional networks.

Renewable Energy

With the current energy crisis unfolding in 2022 and likely to continue into 2023 , we're particularly proud to be working with so many renewable energy clients at the moment. One of our clients focuses on clean electricity generation through battery storage - which is then sold into the national grid.

We also have clients working on solar panel electricity generation and another providing energy to households and businesses via turbine blade solutions.

We have also worked for marine wave technology clients, and look forward to working with many more clients in the green energy solutions sector in the future.


We believe start-ups are a specific sector and treat them as such – they have specific issues around raising early stage finance (friends and family investment, SEIS, EIS and VC funding), shareholder agreements and EMI option schemes as well as getting the administration function started and scalable. We are always available and always happy to help – whether it be providing business advice, sense checking a key agreement or just putting people in touch with someone who might be able to help.

Regulated clients

We have a wide range of regulated clients including investment businesses, insurance brokers and solicitors. We understand the needs of these businesses and those of the regulators – whether the issue involves an Audit or capital adequacy requirements.

We also provide audit services to many firms, including subsidiaries of international groups.


For many years, Carbon Accountancy have acted as advisers to:

· Property Investors – including tax advice around SDLT and VAT on commercial property, opting to tax a property and capital allowances on commercial property.

· Property Developers - including tax advice concerning finance, SDLT and VAT on commercial property, opting to tax a property and the legal structure best suited to the development.

· Property Professionals - surveyors, architects and agents.

· Residential Service Charge Companies – we provide both service charge audits and investigations into whether service charges are excessive.

· Buy to let landlords – we provide tax compliance services and tax advice around capital gains for both UK residents and non-residents.

Business Services

Carbon Accountancy acts as accountants and tax advisers to many businesses and private individuals who operate within the business services sector throughout the UK, such as Sales & Marketing Consultants, PR agencies, Event & Exhibition companies and TV & Film Production.

We offer more than just accounting and tax advice. We are innovative in our approach and proactive, working closely with our clients to add value to their affairs and ensure that they take full advantage of the business planning and structuring opportunities available to them.


Our manufacturing clients cover a wide range of industries from high value components through to high volume household and commercial products as well as food manufacturing. One of our clients makes funky skateboards that go down stairs and another makes parts for London Buses – so we have a wide spread of experience!


For many years we have acted for a number of clients in the charities and not for profit sector. We are fully equipped with the experience, expertise and resources to understand the complex and regulated accounting needs within this sector.

We appreciate that charities are bound by numerous regulatory and compliance requirements and we recognise that Trustees may often be voluntary and part-time but that they are also deeply committed individuals who need a trustworthy partner to look after their charity. We strive to ensure the continued success of our charity clients and we are proud to provide our support in order that they may achieve and exceed their goals – and we are always willing to look at reduced fees for good causes.

The “Whole Picture”

Whatever sector a client fits in, we understand the “Whole Picture” - we appreciate how important it is that our clients have clear and specific advice on their personal arrangements as well as their business affairs – and we always aim to ensure that both personal and corporate financial and tax strategies are taken care of to provide the best solution.