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London EC1A Community Project

16 July 2020

(All Carbon Accountancy clients are welcome to join, wherever you are based, and due to demand we are also welcoming surrounding and nearby postcodes)

Carbon Accountancy has been based in EC1A for 16 years since 2004. We started here at the same address (in a rather smaller space!) with 1 member of staff, our founder and CEO John Leyden, and now have 20 staff working from our office in Long Lane at the same address (with rather more space now as we’ve taken over two floors).

We have clients in the area as well as all over the UK and we also try to give back to the wider community we are part of, including working with the Magic Breakfast charity, providing healthy school breakfasts to children at risk of hunger in disadvantaged areas of the UK and also giving free financial management talks to students at the Royal College of Art and interview practice to students interested in an accountancy career at Mossbourne Academy, located in one of the most disadvantaged areas in the country. You can see more about these projects here.

With the economic devastation that Covid-19 has caused and will continue to cause to local communities, especially local retailers in the City, we want to turn our attention and support to our fellow businesses in EC1A and our nearby neighbours over the coming year. Whether it’s supporting local business owners with advice, setting up schemes to encourage shopping and using services at local retailers, forming a network of fellow business owners in the area to use each other’s services or other ideas we may come up with together, we are starting now to recruit those who are interested in taking part in any way – both those willing to offer their skills and those needing support.

We already have experts at hand for financial advice and bookkeeping, marketing and business development support, social media, insolvency advice, legal and employment advice among others in our own network. We need as many other businesses and retailers in the area involved as possible.

All we are asking you to do at the moment is to DM us on Twitter at Carbon_Acc, contact us on Linked In , or SIGN UP HERE to express your interest in taking part in whatever way (we will suggest some options but your ideas are also only too welcome), as we develop the project. We will then keep you advised as the project develops


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